Cleanings & Prevention


Cleanings & Prevention

As we’ve been taught since childhood, strong daily oral care, such as brushing and flossing, is of the utmost importance in maintaining a healthy smile. However, it is equally vital that these habits should be reinforced with regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and preventive care.

While brushing, flossing, and rinsing keeps our teeth healthy and helps fight plaque and gum disease, it, unfortunately, isn’t enough to keep some issues from developing.

The office of Michael R. Markgraf, DDS, not only provides patients with top-notch cleanings but with comprehensive consultations and exams to identify potential problems before they can develop into bigger concerns.

The Consultation

At our Punta Gorda practice, we take a holistic approach to the treatment of our patients. Rather than go directly into the cleaning and exams, our first-time visitors have a consultation with Dr. Markgraf, during which we will take a close look at your medical and dental history and go over any specific concerns you may have.

We also like to discuss any anxieties you may have regarding dental work. This consultation room is quiet, comfortable, and completely closed off from the rest of the office, so the normal sounds of the dental practice are not heard.

The Exam

Our examination is comprehensive and designed to give Dr. Markgraf insight into your oral health situation.
Six pocket perio-charting determines the health of your gums, and whether or not you may be suffering from gum disease. This is performed in conjunction with a full oral cancer exam, followed by digital x-rays.

Ideally, this process is completed every 6 months, with the data recorded and updated to track the progress of your oral health. All of this information paints a more complete picture of your oral health, allowing us to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.

The Cleaning

The cleaning is a fairly routine procedure that involves using specialized tools to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line.

The enamel is then polished using a special abrasive toothpaste. This helps remove any remaining calculus and smooth the surfaces of the teeth, making it more difficult for plaque to stick to in the future.

Routing Oral Healthcare in Punta Gorda

Michael R. Markgraf, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. After opening our practice in 1999, he has spent nearly 20 of those years helping the people of Punta Gorda and the surrounding communities maintain happy, healthy smiles.

Call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Markgraf and get started on the road to lifelong oral health.

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