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{city} dental restoration before treatment {city} dental restoration after treatment

{city} dentist patient results

This patient had been grinding his teeth for a long time and was continuing to do so. Evaluation of the bite showed a discrepancy which his body reacted to by grinding the teeth together, trying to eliminate the bite problem.   Due to the excessive wear on both upper and lower teeth, the only way to obtain harmony with the bite was to rehabilitate/reshape all teeth, upper and lower. By achieving this corrected bite, the esthetics of his smile were comparatively easily obtained. The patient no longer grinds his teeth thanks to the correction of the bite problems.


{city} dentist before smile makeover {city} dentist after smile makeover 

{city} dentist treatment results

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth.  She felt they were too yellow and crooked, and too long for her face.  Examination of her smile showed moderate crowding of the upper and lower front teeth, and a shift of the teeth to her right.  Also, over time the front teeth had drifted down due to the changed bite.  This had the secondary effect of moving the middle of her two front teeth to her right.  (The two front teeth should line up with the apparent middle of a persons face).  Working on only the six front teeth, the proportions of those teeth were changed, and the front teeth re-sized to move them further left to get the front teeth to line up with the middle of her face.  The result is a smile she is proud of.

{city} dental crowns before restoration {city} dental crowns after restoration

{city} dental practice patient smiling after getting dental crowns

Another patient grinding teeth before he retired left the mild crowding of the front teeth well worn.  Only the six upper front teeth were treated.  The lower front teeth were smoothed off to enable a better result  with these new crowns on the upper teeth.  This patient desired the front teeth to be somewhat shorter than the ideal length, as he felt more comfortable with this length than with what was proposed in his diagnostic wax up and the trial temporaries he had

{city} dentist before crowns and veneers {city} dentist after crowns and veneers

{city} dentist patient results

This patient wished to have a more even smile that had the eye teeth less prominent.  A smile design analysis was done.  The gum tissues were reconfigured and porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers were placed on the upper teeth.  The lower front teeth were reshaped and smoothed to give a more even appearance.  This patient was very pleased with the results of her new smile, and receives compliments on her beautiful smile frequently.  

{city} dentist patient before crowns and bridges {city} dentist patient after crowns and bridges

{city} dentist patient results

The patient had a very complicated case.  The upper left lateral incisor was missing, and the left front tooth and eye tooth were oversized to close the space of the missing tooth.  As a consequence, the midline of the two front teeth was shifted to the left of the midline of her face, instead of lining up with the facial midline.  Also, a change in the plane of the teeth was present on the upper left behind the eye tooth.  A smile design analysis was performed to determine whether the midline could be successfully shifted to the right, and if the bite plane problem could be corrected.  It worked!  Porcelain crowns and bridgework were done to correct the problems, giving the results shown.  The patient is thrilled with her new smile and no longer is self-conscious about her smile.  

 {city} dentist patient before crowns  {city} dentist patient after crowns
{city} dentist patient results
 This patient had stained teeth with multiple fillings of differing shades.  The wear pattern of his bite resulted in the asymmetry in tooth length between left and right sides.  Porcelain crowns on just the front six teeth resulted in a whiter, even smile that he's very proud of.

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